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Writing a French Résumé

A French résumé can greatly increase your chances of getting a job in a French-speaking country because many such companies will ask for both a résumé and a cover letter written in French.

By entrusting us with the translation of your résumé and cover letter into French, you will gain access to companies with French-speaking departments, sell yourself more effectively and gain mastery in the vocabulary specific to your job. All of these advantages will prove vital during the interview process.

Our consultants have a strong knowledge of all the nuances for each type of French résumé employed in the country in which you are applying for work. For example, the vocabulary and format used for a French résumé are different from those used for a French Canadian résumé. In consequence, our team will effect a veritable localization* of your résumé and cover letters, and if necessary will adjust them in order to avoid any cultural misunderstandings.

For free writing tips, make sure to read our article on the different types of French résumés. You can also ask us to translate your cover letters (for free advice, see our article How to Write a Cover Letter).

To get started with writing and translating your résumé, take a look at our free résumé layouts in Word format, as well as our example translations.

* Localization is the adaptation of information to a specific geographical area.